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Mets Will Not Wait Around For Jose Reyes This Offseason

New York Mets manager Terry Collins may be sick and tired of how his team has played of late, and rightfully so. Despite fans coming to grips with lower expectations, they have a reason to be upset as well. The team has lost six games in a row, and eight of its past nine.

But many belief that if the Mets want to make headway into the future, they should do what it takes to keep star shortstop Jose Reyes in town. Yet, if recent reports are true, New York's front office will not wait around for Reyes to decide and up the anti on offers.

ESPN's Jason Stark writes:

The buzz coming out of Flushing is that the Mets have very little interest in waiting around this winter for Jose Reyes to decide whether to stay or bolt. One source who's tight with the Mets brass tells Rumblings they're "either going to be in or out real quick."

I take this to mean two things: general manager Sandy Alderson is going to give Reyes his best pitch from the get-go. If Reyes wants it, he'll accept immediately. If he doesn't, the front office doesn't want to give all the leverage to Reyes, and they'll move on. It also could mean Reyes will not be in New York next season, as the top-tier free agents tend to wait on the market before saying yes.

On the surface, It's not necessarily a bad thing, because the Mets have a laundry list of items to check off this offseason, but there's no doubt that losing Reyes would leave a huge hole at shortstop.

Either way, Alderson is a straight-shooting GM. Take it or leave it. And he has his own agenda he has to execute in the coming months, and a budget to adhere to, so he needs an answer from Reyes so that he can add -- and maneuver -- the pieces he deems necessary this winter.