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New York Mets' Johan Santana Suffers Setback, Will See Doctor Thursday

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Those hoping to see the New York Mets' $137.5 million man, Johan Santana, this season are most likely running out of time and luck at this point. Santana's recovery from shoulder surgery appeared to be going well after he threw three innings in a rehab start this past Thursday and manager Terry Collins received "great" reports. It would only be about a month or so before the two-time Cy Young winner was back in blue and orange, some thought.

Only, this is the Mets we're dealing with and even after good news, bad news should always be expected with this organization. It's what we've become accustomed to.

Early Tuesday evening, reports surfaced that should've automatically rose the red flag. Santana's next start was to be pushed back a day -- from Wednesday to Thursday.

Then, general manager Sandy Alderson revealed that the 32-year-old would be sent back to the doctor Thursday to get his shoulder checked. He originally felt the lingering soreness Monday.

"I can't really characterize it as pain versus discomfort versus typical soreness," Alderson said as quoted in The Star-Ledger. "Whatever it is, it's sufficient in nature that we want to have it checked. He wants to have it checked. So I think that's the prudent thing to do."

The Star-Ledger's Andy McCullough had a source that said this was a precautionary move, but regardless, it's going to delay Santana's return to the majors and make it all the more likely he's back next year and not making starts this September.

"Right now, it's a matter of Johan proceeding at his own pace," Alderson said. "He's going to have to be sensitive to how his body responds to the increased workload."

Not counting the $25 million club option in 2014, the Mets will owe Santana $49 million the next two years, plus $5.5 if they buy him out in 2014.