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Mets Trade Rumors: Texas Rangers, San Francisco Giants Emerge As Favorites For Carlos Beltran

The MLB trade deadline is quickly approaching and the New York Mets have still yet to find a new home for OF Carlos Beltran.  With so many teams in contention and so few impact bats available, there has been no shortage of suitors for the All-Star.

After much jostling, reports are surfacing that the Texas Rangers and San Francisco Giants have moved ahead of the Atlanta Braves and other teams in the pursuit of Beltran.

While Beltran has a full no trade clause in his contract and has stated he would like to stay in the NL and play the outfield, his agent, Scott Boras, made it clear this week that it's not an open and shut issue.

"This decision for Carlos is about the select group of teams where he feels he has a great chance to win," Boras said.  "That's what this thing is about."

And as far as the Mets are concerned, this "thing" is about getting the bets prospect(s) possible.  If that means sending him to the Braves or Philadelphia Phillies, then so be it.  Beltran will be a rental for whoever picks up and having to see him do damage within the division for a few months is a small price to pay for an elite prospect.