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Jose Reyes Would Accept A Six-Year, $120 Million Offer From Mets, According to Mike Francesa

New York Mets shortstop Jose Reyes was going to be the most sought after trade chip in the 2011 trading season. However, his stellar play has made general manager Sandy Alderson change his mind, probably because he's seen first-hand how much of a game changer Reyes is, and that it'd be a public relations nightmare to trade him now. Thus, despite the shaky financial situation hovering over this team, it appears that the Mets will at least make an effort this offseason to keep him in New York.

WFAN's Mike Francesa shed some light on what Reyes might accept from the Mets. (Hat tip to Metsblog for posting and SNY's Peter Wade for jotting down the quote):

"Someone who knows the [Jose Reyes] group well said to me, ‘If the Mets offered him 6 years, $120 million. I think he'd take it.' If that's the case, the Mets might be able to do that deal. That might be something they might be able to do. And they said to me, ‘I really believe Reyes and his connections want to stay in NY. As long as they get a reasonable contract.' I said, ‘What's reasonable?' They said, ‘How about 6 years/120.'"

Considering rumors swirled early this season that Reyes would command at least a contract int he neighborhood of what Red Sox outfielder Carl Crawford got -- seven years, $142 million -- this would appear to be a bargain.

I have no idea what Reyes will get in free agency, but I do think that would be a very solid offer from the Mets' view considering it looked like they'd have to let him walk early on in the year. The big sticking point will be the amount of years Alderson offers to a player who's had a number of leg injuries throughout his career. For what it's worth, Fangraphs' contract estimator, based on a player's WARP, says Reyes is worth $25 million this season. And the Mets still have 60 games to play.

Alderson will have his work cut out for him this offseason, between figuring out how many years to offer and how many dollars ownership (and he) are willing to to commit to one player. What would you offer -- year/dollar amount -- for the 28-year-old star shortstop?