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Mets Trade Rumors: Jose Reyes Seems To Be Staying Put

On Wednesday night, Angel Pagan hit a walk-off home run to beat the visiting St. Louis Cardinals in the 11th inning. But, before the contest the New York Mets fanbase got some better news.

According to ESPN's Buster Olney via Twitter:

The Mets are now 100 percent certain they will not trade Jose Reyes before the deadline, according to sources. He changed their minds.

For months now, there has been rumors that the All-Star shortstop was going to be traded before the deadline. However, it seems that maybe one party reached out to the other.

It's rare to see "100 percent certain" in any of the trade-rumor tweets or articles," wrote SB Nation's Grant Brisbee Wednesday, "so this one stands out. It sounds like Reyes reached out to Mets management and somehow let them know he wasn't giving up on being a Met. Maybe he wants a Bobby Bonilla-type deal to keep him comfortable until 2039.