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Mets Trade Rumors: Carlos Beltran Playing Next To Josh Hamilton?

Though the San Francisco Giants have been mentioned as the most likely landing spot for New York Mets OF Carlos Beltran, there shouldn't be a shortage of suitors when the team finally decides to pull the trigger on a deal.  One team that has yet to pop up in the hunt for the All-Star is the American League champion Texas Rangers...  until now.

ESPN's Jonah Keri tackled trades that "should" happen, including Beltran heading to the Lone Star state to play next to slugger Josh Hamilton.

Texas Rangers trade Tanner Scheppers and Michael Kirkman to the New York Mets for Carlos Beltran

Some questions need to be answered, such as whether Josh Hamilton could slide back to center field for the stretch run and be effective there, but there's no questioning Beltran's ability when healthy. The 34-year-old is hitting .288/.375/.506 in a pitcher's park and playing plus defense in a corner outfield slot. The Mets will also likely be happy to shed $6 million-plus in payroll. Acquiring power arms like Scheppers and Kirkman would sweeten the deal considerably, especially if Scheppers is fully recovered from past shoulder troubles and more recent back issues, and if Kirkman can refine his command. If the Rangers pick up all of Beltran's remaining salary, it's possible he could cost a little less, too.

Beltran has more than shown he can play everyday in the field this season as the Mets most durable player but would benefit from the occasional day as a DH that an American League team like the Rangers would offer.  Texas also boasts one of the better farm systems in baseball, making them a preferred partner of Mets GM Sandy Alderson.

To those holding out hope that Beltran will be in a New York uniform for the rest of the season, there is little chance of that happening.  Short of the Mets making a run over the next few weeks and climbing over a few teams in the wild card standings, Alderson is not going to allow Beltran to walk at the end of the season for nothing.