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Mets' Francisco Rodriguez Hires Agent Scott Boras

New York Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez may not be the overpowering pitcher he once was -- and he may have lost a little juice on his fastball -- but he doesn't plan to let that diminish his market value, whether he's a free agent after this season, or in 2012.

How do we know this? According to, Rodriguez has switched agents from Paul Kinzer to Scott Boras. Boras, as we all know, will get his client the maximum contract possible. "Bargain" is not a word in his vernacular.

Of course, this comes at a strange time considering Rodriguez has a $17.5 million option that will be triggered if he finishes 55 games or more this season. He currently has finished 34 games this season -- with 23 saves. He has a 3.16 ERA and 1.41 WHIP in 42 2/3 innings, with 46 strikeouts. Thus, it's easy to see this option vesting, which is a huge reason why the Mets appear to be poised to shop him before the July 31 deadline (and also a reason why suitors will be scared off)

But, if for some reason, he doesn't reach the "games finished" clause, Boras will surely do his best to get him a very lucrative contract, that we can be sure of.