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MLB Draft 2011: New York Mets Day 2 Overview

While Day 1 of the MLB draft for the New York Mets featured risk and upside over sure selections, Day 2 was one in which the Mets addressed their pitching with college arms. Even though I praised the first day of the draft because it marked a shift in draft philosophy from taking easy-to-sign players early on, just because the Amazin's didn't make as many of those types of picks early in Day 2 doesn't mean it was not a successful day (though they did take 13 high school players on Day 2).

From the second through the fifth round, the Mets took college pitchers. The second-round selection was Cory Mazzoni, a starter from North Carolina State, who has hit 97 mph on his fastball. The third-round pick was Logan Verrett from Baylor; he had a 0.87 ERA at the Cape Cod League in 2010 but took a step back this year (though he still managed a 2.93 ERA), so the Mets are obviously hoping he regains his prior form . Tyler Pill, from Call State Fullerton, was the Mets fourth-round pick had a 2.08 ERA and 99:19 strikeout-to-walk ratio in his junior year. The first left-handed pitcher they took was Jack Leatherisch from UMass-Lowell and is said to possess a low-to-mid 90s heater with a good curve ball. The Mets aren't sure whether they will put him in the rotation or work him as a reliever in the minors, according to an article from Adam Rubin of ESPN NY.

The sixth-round pick, Joe Tuschak, is a high school center fielder from Pennsylavania and scouting director Chad MacDonald said: "This guy can hit, and he's going to have power." They also believe in his ability to stick at center defensively.

One of the most intriguing picks of today was the Mets' 15-round selection, Phillip Evans, a high school shortstop and a commit to San Diego State University, who is seen as an "athlete." John Sickels considered him the 100-110 range in his prospect list . And in response to a question on twitter on whether Evans is signable, ESPN's Keith Law said: "Not unwilling, but probably first-round $."'s Frankie Piliere said: "Absolute steal if the Mets can ink him, which is unlikely." I think this is a pick that could show just how serious the Mets are about putting money on projection as he seems like the type of player who could rocket up draft boards after getting college experience.

Here's a blurb from Rubin from MacDonald on some things from Day 2:

"MacDonald said he did not expect several of the picks to fall to the Mets. He had Mazzoni tabbed as a first-round pick by someone and indicated he did not think Verrett would get to the third round. He also felt fortunate about Tuschak in the sixth. MacDonald added that ninth-round selection Alex Panteliodis, a left-handed pitcher from the University of Florida, was expected to go in the first three rounds in his mind. Panteliodis throws a "firm" 90-94 mph and was the Gators' Friday night starter as a freshman and a sophomore."

Ultimately, the Mets need to get these guys signed -- the college guys won't be terribly difficult, but someone like Evans I will be very keen on watching.