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New York Mets' David Wright Told To Remain Inactive For Three More Weeks

If the New York Mets were considering dealing David Wright before the trade deadline July 31st, they can probably shelve that idea until the offseason. When David Wright went on the disabled list with a stress fracture in his back back in the middle of May, even GM Sandy Alderson thought he'd "only" be out three weeks. Last night, however, Alderson addressed the media and revealed that Wright was instructed by a team doctor to stay inactive for three more weeks. Optimistically, this pegs Wright's return for mid-July.

Wright was told to continue to do nothing, except for some core exercises. He was hoping to get clearance to begin rehabbing more seriously, but that was not the case. What's curious is that Wright did not undergo any new tests Friday, but the doctor made this recommendation based on the old X-rays Wright had. Three weeks for a stress fracture of the back did seem quite optimistic from the get-go, though.

"I was going there hoping that at least soon I could start baseball stuff," Wright said as quoted by Adam Rubin of ESPN NY. "It doesn't look like that's going to be the case."

Alderson tried to lighten the mood around missing one one of the team's biggest stars for even more time:

"Maybe we'll have David back for Santana's first start," Alderson said. "You never know."

Wright explained what the doctors told him:

"According to the doctors, for a bone to heal or repair itself or be better, it takes about six weeks. I was hopeful, and I think the doctors were hopeful, the six weeks might have started after the injury and not after I stopped playing. It might have been wishful thinking that it was healing itself while I was still playing, but obviously that wasn't the case."

This comes as even worse news as Ike Davis, who's also been out for three weeks witha fractured ankle, was told days ago his injury was not healing correctly. Thus, he's also been instructed to remain in a walking boot for three more weeks, and he really has no idea when he'll return to the lineup.