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Sandy Alderson To Meet With Reyes' Agent 'Relatively Soon'

New York Mets general manager Sandy Alderson knows fans of the team want free-agent-to-be shortstop Jose Reyes signed to a long-term deal to stay in Flushing. Considering current circumstances, though, Alderson can't guarantee that he can make that happen.

During an appearance Monday on the Mike Lupica Show on ESPN Radio New York Alderson would only say "We're gonna see how that works out."

Reyes, 28, is having the best season of his career to date and has been the subject of constant trade rumors considering his impending free agency and the Mets' financial situation. Alderson said he would be reaching out to Reyes' agent "relatively soon."

The Mets have flirted with the .500 mark this season and Alderson was non-committal at this point as to whether the Mets would be a buyer or seller at the upcoming trade deadline.

"I think a lot will depend on how we play over the next six weeks. The next six weeks will establish where we are," Alderson said. "Will that affect every decision we make? No, but it certainly will have an impact as it would on any team. How you're playing really determines whether you are a buyer or a seller."

Alderson was also non-committal on the future of closer Francisco Rodriguez as a Met. K-Rod has a $17.5 million vesting option if he finishes 55 games for the Mets this season.

"There's no question that if he does vest it affects our payroll going forward. At the same time he's pitched extremely well and he certainly would be a valuable asset to us," Alderson said. "Once again we have to see how we play. Like a lot of other things with the Mets these days we just have to let it play out."