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2011 MLB NL All-Star Voting: Jose Reyes Is Rising

The latest MLB All-Star voting results are out and the country seems to finally realizing that the best shortstop in baseball is playing for the New York Mets. After opening up in third place, over the last two weeks Reyes has risen to second only behind Troy Tulowitzki of the Colorado Rockies.

Reyes currently leads the National League in batting average, hits, runs and triples while sitting second in stolen bases. His 34 multi-hit games are tops in all of baseball.

He may be a comfortable 242,016 votes ahead of Philadelphia's Jimmy Rollins thanks to a huge boost (460,000+) last week, but Reyes is still a whopping 586,956 behind Tulowitzki.

When the Mets return home this weekend to face the Angels, expect the team to roll out an all-out blitz to support Reyes' bid to represent the National League as the starting shortstop on July 12 in Phoenix.

As we get closer to the voting deadline of June 30, Reyes continues to look like the only Met with a chance to be voted into the game. The injured David Wright is fourth among third basemen with barely half the votes of the leader, Placido Polanco. Carlos Beltran, meanwhile, is falling in the standings despite having a fantastic offensive season.  The New York right fielder ranks ninth and even if he doubled his vote total Beltran would still not crack the top three.

Fans can vote up to 25 times each via or