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Jose Reyes Trade Rumors: 10 Possible Destinations For The Mets Shortstop

The Mets don't appear to be going anywhere, so the rumors that we are beginning to hear about them potentially moving Jose Reyes at the trade deadline make a lot of sense. The Giants are the first team we've heard having discussions about acquiring Reyes, but I'm sure they wouldn't be the only team that would have interest in him if the Mets do in fact make him available.

Anthony Di Como put together a list of 10 teams that he could see having interest in Reyes if the Mets put him on the market over at his blog Mets Cetera. After the Ginats he lists the Brewers, Cardinals, Reds, Dodgers, Tigers, Angels, A's, Twins, Red Sox and Yankees as teams that make sense. You can argue whether or not some of them (Yankees?) really do, but it is a pretty comprehensive list.

If Reyes is in fact made available, he will probably be one of the biggest names on the market. We'll have to wait and see if we actually get to that bridge before we can cross it, though.