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'Don't Trade Jose Reyes Day' Being Organized By Mets Fans

Ahh, the intriguing ways people find to use social media. A trio of New York Mets’ fans have created a Facebook page to organize a ’Don’t Trade Jose Reyes Day’ at Citi Field.

From the page you can RSVP to attend the Friday June 3 game against the Atlanta Braves.

In announcing their plans, the trio writes:

This is a day to celebrate JOSE REYES and to let the mgt know we will not take it lightly if they do the stupid thing and trade one of our fav homegrown boys! So buy your ticket to this game and wear your finest JOSE tee or jersey and bring a sign or 2 telling how you feel!!!!!!

The group wants to meet at the Shea Bridge in the top of the 5th inning.

Fans, however, seem unlikely to get their wish. Reyes is in the final year of his contract, is having the best season of his career, and owner Fred Wilpon has already said he does not believe the shortstop to be worth the money he is likely to seek.

Even if he is worth the money, the question is whether or not the financially-troubled Mets can afford to pay Reyes. In truth, trading him for the salary relief and the hope of getting a decent return might be the wisest course of action for general manager Sandy Alderson.