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Jeffrey Toobin: Mets Are 'In A Huge, Huge Crisis'

New Yorker magazine writer Jeffrey Toobin joined 'Boomer & Carton' on WFAN Radio Monday morning to discuss Fred Wilpon's critical comments about Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran and David Wright. Toobin wrote the piece in which Wilpon's remarks appeared.

"It was like sitting there with another Mets fan," Toobin said. "I wasn't terribly surprised by anything that he said because I think the views that he expressed are very common among Mets fans.

"Obviously he's the owner of the team so it was surprising coming from him."

Toobin admitted the genesis of the story was the involvement Bernard Madoff and the shaky status of the Mets' franchise.

"The heart of the story, the reason we were writing it and the reason they were cooperating is because the Mets are in a huge, huge crisis and it's all because of Madoff."

Toobin predicted that Wright will remain with the Mets and that they will try to re-sign Reyes but that "there is a big house-cleaning in the works. Beltran is on his way out."

Toobin said flatly that Wilpon will be forced to sell the Mets if they lose a lawsuit filed by a Madoff trustee seeking $1 billion in damages.

"It depends on the resolution of this lawsuit. If they lose this lawsuit they will have to sell the Mets.

"If this case is resolved with them having to pay a billion dollars they will have to sell the Mets."

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