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New York Mets Spring Training: Carlos Beltran Will Move To Right Field

In a meeting with manager Terry Collins Monday morning, Carlos Beltran said that he is ready to move from his natural position of center field to right field.  Angel Pagan, who filled in full-time for Beltran last season, will now man center field and be flanked by Beltran in right and Jason Bay in left.

Beltran says that making a decision now is better for the team, even though he still believes in his abilities to stay in center.

"I still believe I can play centerfield, but I need time, I need more time. This will make it easier for Angel.  It will take it off his mind and let him make the transition."

Teammate David Wright sees the way Beltran handled the situation as a way for the team to come together.

"Any time you get a guy that's accomplished what Carlos has accomplished, and done the kind of things that Carlos has done in this game, to be that guy that really sees the big picture and sees what's best for this team and does something like that, it makes you want to go out there and really play united and play as a team."

In what is the final season of a seven-year, $119 million contract -- and almost certainly his last as a Met -- Beltran is still working his knee into shape and has yet to hit the field for an exhibition game.

Once Beltran does return, he will have to learn a new position, one that he will need to re-learn all over again when the team heads north to Queens. Right field at Citi Field is one of the more difficult to play in the league, making Beltran's transition that much dicier.

Even with that on the horizon, the former center fielder knows it was the right decision.

"I don't want to have everyone worrying about it," Beltran said.  "It is easier for everyone."