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Wilpon Tells Donald Trump: 'You're ... Not Hired'

Party poopers! The New York Mets owners say they won't sell their broken toy to that billionaire fixer-upper extraordinaire, Donald Trump.

"We're not selling controlling interest in the team. It's not on the table," [Jeff] Wilpon said.

The Mets owners, mired in a financial mess and the subjects of a $1 billion lawsuit alleging that they should have known about Bernie Madoff's massive Ponzi scheme, have been looking for what amounts to a financial sugar-daddy. In an effort to get a cash infusion, they recently said they would sell 20-25 percent interest in the team.

Trump said Tuesday that he would be interested in the Mets. In typical Trump style, though, he only wants the Mets if he can HAVE the Mets. As in ALL of the Mets.

"If you look at Trump's record, he is only interested in things he can control," Trump said in the third person.

Really, this is too bad -- even if Trump buying the Mets is more pipe dream than something that might realistically happen, anyway. At least the possibility of it would give Mets fans something to look forward to. As it is I can't see 2011 being a whole lot of fun in Flushing.