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Mets Free Agency: Chris Capuano Set To Go West

The New York Mets will have one more hole to fill in the starting rotation next year with the impending loss of lefty Chris Capuano.  The 33-year-old has signed a 2-year, $10 million deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Capuano was 11-12 in 31 starts with a 4.55 ERA in his only season with the Mets. Entering the Winter Meetings, GM Sandy Alderson will have to find a way to replace the 186 innings Capuano provided, good for third highest total on the New York staff.

Despite Capuano saying he enjoyed New York and would like to return with "all things equal", the Mets were never interested in the lefty on a two-year deal, something he more than earned in 2011.

Losing out on a reliable -- albeit hardly exciting -- starter for $5 million per year to a team that has dealt with just as much financial turmoil as the Mets is a sad sign for what is to come this offseason in Queens.  If they are unwilling to pay $5 million for nearly 200 innings, where do they intend on finding their starters for 2012? 

Certainly not in free agency.