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Mets Rumors: Gio Gonzalez On Their Radar?

Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports has tossed out the idea that he is hearing the New York Mets are checking on what it would take to pry highly-regarded left-handed starting pitcher Gio Gonzalez from the Oakland Athletics

It's not hard to believe the Mets -- or any team -- would check. Gonzalez, 26, is a talented young pitcher who is not eligible for free agency until 2016. He has gone 31-21 over the past two seasons and reached the 200-inning mark in both of those years. He is worth pursuing.

What is hard to believe is that the Mets would be serious players for Gonzalez. There are consistent reports that the Mets are trying to trade one of their other capable young starters -- Jon Neise. There are those financial difficulties the franchise has. There is also the small matter of not having much in terms of top-notch young talent to offer the A's in return for Gonzalez.

Maybe the Mets did ask about him, but it's hard to picture the Mets actually being a serious contender for Gonzalez' services.