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Jose Reyes Rumors: Reyes Ready To Take His Talents To South Beach?

The New York Mets are sure to face plenty of competition when it comes to signing free agent SS Jose Reyes, but the stiffest might come from within their own division.  It appears that Reyes and his agent will meet with the Miami Marlins this week to talk about taking his talents to South Beach.

While Reyes meeting with the Marlins isn't a surprise, it's certainly interesting that it would be the first "leaked" face-to-face the All-Star is having in what should be a drawn out process.

The Marlins already have a Hanley Ramirez at shortstop, but they also have a brand new ballpark to open and no doubt want a shiny new toy or two they can show off.  Ramirez -- currently recovering from shoulder surgery -- could shift to third base, giving the Marlins one of the best SS-3B combinations in the majors.

Though the Marlins are just the first of many teams to make their pitch to Reyes, it isn't the number of suitors that will keep Reyes away from the Mets.  It's just the one that decides to hand the shortstop a Carl Crawford-esque 7-year, $140 million contract.  If that team ends up being the Marlins or not there's no way to tell, but with all the teams ready to spend big money this offseason, it's just a matter of time before it happens.

With the Mets unlikely to go beyond five-years on any contract for the injury prone Reyes, the odds of him sticking around Citi Field aren't good right now.