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Late-Career Met Lament: Poem

Are they out of their minds?
Alomar is now enshrined?
He played a season-plus!
His uniform was never mussed!
The Hall's no longer pure
The biggest travesty for sure
Since voters opened up the gate
For center fielder second-rate
Who, in two years, looked awfully silly
I speak of, of course, Say Hey Willie
He should be cloistered in a wing
With Mets who didn't do a thing
That washed up pitcher Warren Spahn
And Yogi Berra's skills were gone
Hall of Famers? Mets had their fill
The Duke of Flatbush, even Gil*
Players popular in Hall voting
But when with Mets, were merely doting

* Astaire in field, at bat, a terror
Exclusion is Hall's grievous error