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2012 Baseball Hall Of Fame Ballot: Bernie Williams Is Eligible

Do you think former New York Yankee center fielder Bernie Williams deserves consideration for enshrinement into Baseball's Hall of Fame? Williams will be eligible for inclusion on the ballot for the first time in 2012.

In 16 seasons with the Yankees Williams hit .297 with 287 home runs and 1,257 RBI. In post-season play, Williams hit .275 with 22 home runs and 80 RBI in 121 games. He won four Gold Gloves and was named to the American League All-Star team five times.

If you judge by Bill James Hall of Fame Monitor and Hall of Fame Standards, Williams would be a borderline case and it will be interesting to see how much support he draws. I suspect he will draw enough to remain on the ballot for at least a few years, but if Don Mattingly (13.6 percent of the vote this time) can't get anywhere near election I doubt Williams can, either

Somehow, I think this is the closest Bernie will ever get to being part of the Hall of Fame.