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2011 Baseball Hall Of Fame Voting: Roberto Alomar, Bert Blyleven Elected

Second baseman Roberto Alomar and pitcher Bert Blyleven were voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in results announced Wednesday afternoon on MLB Network.

Alomar received 90 percent of the vote among the record 581 votes that were cast. Alomar was nearly elected a year ago, his first season of Hall of Fame eligibility.

Blyleven, who spent most of his career with the Minnesota Twins, is the 63rd pitcher elected to the Hall of Fame. Blyleven received nearly 80 percent of the vote in his 14th season on the ballot.

Former Cincinnati shortstop Barry Larkin received 62 percent of the vote. A player needs 75 percent of the vote to be elected to the Hall of Fame. Jack Morris received 53.5 percent of the vote. Mark McGwire received only 19.8 percent of the vote as, obviously, his steroid admissions are being held against him.

Former New York Yankee Don Mattingly received 13.6 percent of the vote.