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Chris Young Officially Signs With New York Mets

The New York Mets long-rumored courtship of veteran right-hander Chris Young has finally ended with Young signing an incentive-laden one-year deal. Young, 31, made just four starts for the San Diego Padres last season due to a shoulder injury.

Young has a career record 48-34 with a 3.80 ERA over seven seasons. He should fill a spot at the back of the Mets starting rotation.

In another Mets note, manager Terry Collins was on WFAN this week with Mike Francesa. Sports Radio Interviews has the full transcript. Here is a small sample of what Collins had to say:

What’s going to be the real brand or hallmark of this New York Mets team? What will the style be under your guidance?

“Well I’m certainly hoping Mike that when you know the Mets are coming to town your defense better be on its toes because we’re gonna run the bases. We’ve got just as you said foot speed. We’ve got guys throughout the lineup that can steal a base, that score from second, that can take an extra base. We’re gonna play defense behind you. We’re not gonna beat ourselves and at the end of a series you know we may not scare you with our starting rotation and although I’d have to say Mike Pelfrey would make you a little worried facing him, but you know when you get done playing us I’d think you know you’ve been in a series. That’s how we’re going to have to do it night-after-night to compete.”