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Mets Capture Nemesis Willie Harris At Last: A Poem

Longtime Mets nemesis Willie Harris is likely bringing his glove to New York.

Harris, 32, intends to sign a one-year, minor league contract with an invitation to Mets spring training, a baseball source told If he makes the team, he would serve as a fourth outfielder.

Harris' career batting average against the Mets is only .159, but he has been every bit the tormentor as other notable Mets-killers of recent years, such as Pat Burrell and Chipper Jones.

Adam Rubin,

A Nemesis Captured

A nemesis captured, a soldier Mets turned

A minor-league deal so the team won't get burned

For it didn't matter if he was Brave or Nat

He'd pull losing play for Mets out of his hat

Above walls to snatch winning homers he'd soar

Or dive and make play, as fans rage and roar

So can he help team? What will signing yield?

No matter- he won't be opponent on field

If he never plays, no Mets fan will mind

Hope a non-compete clause is all that he signed