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Poem: Take Your Time, Sandy

Who will be manager? Fans desperate to know
Though head man won't pitch, run, hit, field or throw
Backman's caused angst far beyond what he'd warrant
Fans, writers either love him, or find him abhorrent
Sandy, by now, surely knows what he seeks
So what is the problem if it takes a few weeks?
Let the assessment proceed like a turtle
For talks with Oberkfell, Teufel and Hurdle
And let's applaud GM who simply won't fail
To interview every conceivable Hale
A manager's one thing, but players will tell
If this ends Mets fans' recent personal hell
Still, manager shouldn't overwork relief pitcher
And easily execute when he's double-switcher
So take your time, Sandy, 'cause no matter who's chosen
For next several months, Citi Field will be frozen