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Jeff Wilpon: New Plan and Direction A Must By New GM

New York Mets Chief Operating Officer and co-owner Jeff Wilpon spoke to WFAN 660 and YES Network sports-talk host Mike Francesa shortly after Omar Minaya addressed the media. Here is a quick synopsis of what he said:

The new general manager candidate will need to have a new plan, ideas and direction than the previous leadership.

Any suggestion that the Mets franchise is in any financial hardship is false.

There could be cuts, discounts and new packages to ticket prices, mostly targeted at season-ticket holders.

The organization felt the Mets are not a team, but a group of individuals. The new GM and manager will need to find a way to make New York a team again.

Wilpon was frustrated over another losing season but found positives in the young players like R.A. Dickey, Ike Davis and Ruben Tejada.

He graded the Mets as mediocre during the past couple seasons.

Wilpon believes the Mets fans care most about winning.