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Sandy Alderson Will Be New York Mets' General Manager

Sports Illustrated reported this morning that the New York Mets will hire Sandy Alderson to succeed Omar Minaya as the team’s general manager.

From SI:

The Mets made the choice after bringing back Alderson and former Diamondbacks GM Josh Byrnes as finalists.

The official hire of Alderson could come as early as Friday, as announcements are discouraged on days of World Series games.

Alderson, 62, brings instant added credibility to the Mets, who have had two straight losing seasons.

Alderson was a longtime GM of the A’s, building the successful teams of the late ‘80s and early ’90s, and more recently served as the PadresCEO. He worked in several big jobs at the commissioner’s office, as well.

Alderson appeared to have the backing of commissioner Bud Selig and, more importantly, Mets team owner Fred Wilpon from the start. Though he hasn’t been a GM since 1997, Mets people say he was "well versed’’ on current players.

I guess we are about to find out just how “well versed” Alderson is. Like this move, Mets fans?