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Minaya, Manuel Waiting For Word On Job Status

This is the hard part for Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel. Waiting for official word of what everyone already seems to know — they are out as Mets general manager and manager, respectively.

Multiple sources said Friday afternoon that neither has been officially told anything about his job status, despite a report to the contrary.

It is unclear if Minaya will be offered – or would accept – another position within the organization.

Shortly after the season ends on Sunday, the Mets will likely inform Manuel and Minaya about plans to employ a new manager and head of baseball operations in 2011 – but the team does not appear close to naming those replacements, according to people familiar with the Mets’ thinking.

The Mets have not yet requested permission to speak with GM candidates employed by other teams. According to a league source, they also have not contacted former Arizona GM Josh Byrnes, a potential contender not currently working for a club.

It promises to be an interesting offseason for the Mets, that’s for sure.