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Dwight Howard Trade Rumors: Yahoo! Sports Offers Proposed Details

More and more information about the potential Dwight Howard to the Brooklyn Nets trade is trickling. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports has the latest, revealing that the deal in its current form could contain more than 10 players and possibly involve four teams.

Wojnarowski's explanation of where things stand:

In the proposed deal, Howard, Jason Richardson and Earl Clark would be sent to Brooklyn, and the Magic would receive the Nets' Brook Lopez, Damion James, Sheldon Williams, Cleveland's Luke Walton and three future first-round picks, sources said. Cleveland would receive Orlando's Quentin Richardson, Brooklyn's Sundiata Gaines, Kris Humphries (on a one-year guaranteed deal), a first-round pick and $3 million from the Nets. Brooklyn also would send Brooks to a fourth team to get them an additional first-round pick to send to the Magic.

Talks between the Magic and Nets remain fluid with some of the deal's parts moving in and out based on different scenarios. One proposed hangup to a trade: Humphries would be against taking a one-year contract with the Cavs, instead seeking a four-year deal, a league source told Y! Sports' Marc Spears.

There had been reports over the weekend that the Magic would be willing to wait until the middle of the 2012-13 NBA season, when they might find a more palatable offer, to trade Howard. Wojnarowski indicates that is not the case, however, writing that "the Magic want to find the best possible deal for Howard soon and cut ties with him."

There will, undoubtedly, be more twists and turns along the way. It seems more and more likely at this point, however, that -- sooner or later -- the Nets will find a way to team Howard with Deron Williams and Joe Johnson. That, you have to admit, would be one heckuva troika of players to move to the brand-new Barclays Center with.