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Dwight Howard Trade Rumors: Deal To Brooklyn Nets Unlikely Monday

Brooklyn Nets fans, you can stop checking Twitter or refreshing your search for Dwight Howard trade rumors every five minutes or so. At least for today. According to reports like the one below from Alan Hahn a deal sending the Orlando Magic superstar to the Nets is not likely to happen. Today, anway.

The key to any deal apparently remains getting forward Kris Humphries to accept a sign-and-trade to Cleveland, something that would apparently require Cleveland being willing to not only take Humphries, but sign him to a long-term deal.

This deal could still happen, but it is complicated and could involve as many as 11 players shuttling between three teams.

So, the Dwight Howard saga again has Nets fans on pins and needles. My only advice to them is, find a way to get comfortable because this ride is a long way from being over.