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Dwight Howard Rumors: Dwightmare Will Apparently Continue

Well, Brooklyn Nets fans you can apparently get ready to keep hearing speculation about Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard eventually winding up suiting up for the Nets. After a summer of trying, the Orlando Magic are now reportedly telling teams they may not trade the unhappy center at all.

ESPN's Chris Broussard reported the Magic, who have seemed unwilling or unable to pull the trigger on a Howard trade despite having been offered a multitude of deals -- many including several first-round draft picks -- may now wait until the February trade deadline to once again find a package for Howard they are willing to take. The Magic have rejected offers from Brooklyn, the Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Lakers.

That means the Magic will wait for players like Brook Lopez and other free agents who have signed this summer to become trade-eligible once again. That will increase the pool of players who might be available to Orlando. It will, however, drag the Dwightmare out for several more months and increase just about everyone's blood pressure.

Sheridan Hoops, in fact, is predicting that the entire 'Dwightmare' will run right into next summer.

Our source said new GM Rob Hennigan has decided that getting the best deal is the priority. That includes the possibility of bringing back Howard for a second season-long distraction, this time without the illusory hope of keeping him and further alienating their already dismayed fan base.

This is without doubt aggravating. It remains mystifying why Orlando management can't see that it needs to get a Howard deal done and begin rebuilding its franchise, rather than appearing unable to make a decision and paralyzed by Howard's own indecisveness.

The situation, though, is good news for Nets fans. It means the dream of teaming Howard with Deron Williams and Joe Johnson is alive. For now. Until Howard, or Magic management, or somebody actually proves able to make a decision.