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New York Knicks Rumors: Knicks Reportedly Interested In Sonny Weems And Maurice Evans

The New York Knicks are interested in veteran forward Sonny Weems, according to a report from ESPN New York. The source for this news is Weems' agent, who also sees Maurice Evans as a good fit for the Knicks:

"Mo would fit for a number of reasons because what he does as a veteran, and he's played for Woody. And I think Sonny would be an absolute steal if he was able to go play with them, just because of how athletic he is. I think that he could be a starter and he could be a rotation guy. I think he would be ideal."

This may be part interest from the Knicks, part an agent trying to drum up interest in his clients, but given that the Knicks only have a veterans minimum contract worth about $1.4 million to offer their options are limited. Evans, a 34-year-old shooting guard, may fit in right at the intersection of what the Knicks need with what the Knicks can afford.

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