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Knicks Free Agency 2012: New York Still Trying To Bring In Steve Nash

The New York Knicks may not have the money other teams can offer Steve Nash, but give them credit for being dogged in their attempt to land the future Hall-of Famer.

According to the New York Post, New York is still in discussions with the Phoenix Suns in an attempt to make a sign-and-trade work. If the Knicks and Suns were able to work something of that nature out, New York could potentially dole out an offer that would pay Nash just north of $8 million per year.

It was rumored the Toronto Raptors set the market for Nash on Sunday when they proposed a three-year, $36 million contract. However, whether or not that happened is now a matter of opinion. Regardless the Raptors are a non-contender, so how much less would Nash be willing to take for one last shot at a championship?

It will be a tough mountain to climb for the Knicks, who simply don't have nearly the assets to offer Nash.

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