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Jeremy Lin Free Agency: Carmelo Anthony, 'I Would Love To See Him Back'

The Jeremy Lin deadline for the New York Knicks is quickly approaching, and in an effort to possibly save face, after commenting Sunday that the Houston Rockets three-year, $21.5 million contract offer to Lin was 'ridiculous', star forward Carmelo Anthony tried to clarify his initial comments and admitted he wants Lin back in New York (via the New York Daily News).

"I hope we can get it done, man," Anthony told after Team USA beat Brazil, 80-69, in Washington. "I would love to see him back. Honestly, I would definitely love to see him back. But knowing the business of basketball, it’s kind of a tough situation for both parties."

Anthony, who's preparing for the 2012 Olympic Games with Team USA, didn't back-track on his thoughts on Lin's apparent deal, which will play him about $15 million in 2014-15. Because of the NBA's luxury tax, the Knicks would need to spend over $30 million in the third season.

"It was ridiculous for them to do what they did as far as throwing that out there and making it tough on us to sign him back," Anthony said. "That’s why it’s called free agency, though."

Melo' also told the media, he knows Lin wants to be back in New York and the backlash about his initial comments on the Lin situation was predictable.

"I always get backlash; it’s nothing new," said Anthony.

The Knicks deadline to match the Rockets' offer is Tuesday at 11:59 p.m. ET.

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