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Raymond Felton Trade: Knicks' 2012 Draft Pick Kostas Papanikolaou Reportedly Part Of Deal

The New York Knicks reportedly had acquired Portland Trail Blazers guard Raymond Felton in a four-player trade on Saturday. While the sign-and-trade likely meant that Knicks were giving up on re-signing free agent guard Jeremy Lin, all the details about players involved in the trade were not completely known.

According to a report on Sunday, the Knicks' 2012 second-round NBA Draft pick Kostas Papanikolaou will be part of the deal for Felton (via Marc Berman). Felton and Kurt Thomas were the players New York acquired from Portland in exchange for Dan Gadzuric and Jared Jeffries, a 2016 second-round draft pick, and now, Papanikoaou and cash to help pay down Jeffries' salary which is $3.1 million (via Jason Quick).

Felton played for the Knicks in 2010-2011 for 54 games so he is a known quantity. He had 17.1 points, 3.6 rebounds, 1.8 steals and nine assists per game for New York that season.

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