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Jason Kidd Was 'Incredibly Drunk' Before Getting Into Car -- Report

When well-known people get in trouble, there's one place to go for the latest dirt -- And currently, the gossip website is all over the latest news about New York Knicks point guard Jason Kidd, who reportedly was "incredibly drunk" before getting into his car which was involved in a single-car cash in the Hamptons early Sunday morning.

Kidd, 39, who just signed a three-year contract with the Knicks on Thursday, was arrested on drunk driving charges and reportedly had to go to the hospital for minor injuries.

Before the accident and arrest, Kidd was seen at the club, SL East, where he took pictures of himself with his wife, model Porschla Coleman, and legendary movie director George Lucas. Kidd also reportedly broke one of he lights at the club after hanging from it and was seen being carried out of the club by friends (TMZ has a photo of Kidd being carried out of the club).

Kidd has yet to comment about the incident, however, his attorney Eddie Burke Jr. said he was meeting with is client Sunday morning and was waiting for, "further discovery from the district attorney's office".

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