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NBA Free Agency Rumors 2012: Landry Fields Officially A Toronto Raptor

Overshadowed by the recent news that Jeremy Lin is no longer a lock to re-sign with the Knicks is another (albeit smaller) blow to the New York franchise: the official loss of Landry Fields, who signed with the Toronto Raptors on Saturday night.

Fields, a 24-year-old guard from Stanford, signed a three year, 20 million dollar offer sheet with the Toronto Raptors that the Knicks had until Saturday to match. As expected, they did not, allowing Fields to continue his career elsewhere.

The Raptors extended the offer to Fields as a salary cap ploy to prevent the New York Knicks from re-signing him and making a move on then-free agent Steve Nash. But Nash was traded to the Lakers, and the Knicks didn't want to overpay for the third-year player, who averaged 8.8 points and 4.2 rebounds last season.

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