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New York Knicks Offseason Moves 2012: Knicks Trying To Sign Spanish League Guard

The New York Knicks are searching far and wide for any kind of help. Not winning a playoff series since the days of Latrell Sprewell and Larry Johnson will do that to you.

According to Marc Berman of the New York Post, the Knickerbockers are trying to sign 35-year-old point guard Pablo Prigioni out of the Spanish League. The Argentinian is expected to take the offer and come to the Big Apple for his shot in the NBA.

Prigioni is on Argentina's Olympic team this year and was a major part of their gold medal run in the 2004 games.

Prigioni would likely not be expected to play significant minutes with Jason Kidd and Jeremy Lin burying him on the depth chart.

If the deal is agreed upon by Prigioni and the Knicks, FIBA paperwork would have to be taken care of before anything becomes official. However, that's not expected to be a stumbling block.

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