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Dwight Howard Trade Rumors, Tuesday Morning News Roundup

Dwight Howard is still not a member of the Brooklyn Nets as of Tuesday morning. The rumors keep swirling around the Orlando Magic center, and the expectations keep building, as the Nets and Magic try to work out an incredibly complicated, extremely fragile trade that multiple reports indicate could involve four teams and a double-digit number of players.

Let's take a look around the Inter-Google and see who is saying what about the potential blockbuster trade that could change the NBA landscape.

Dwight Howard’s Interest In Nets Signals New Era -
Eleven days ago, Dwight Howard sat across from the Orlando Magic’s top basketball executive and demanded a trade to the Nets.

At that moment, the N.B.A. landscape forever changed. The Nets were no longer a punch line, but a destination, their sad-sack existence in the New Jersey swamp no longer a burden, but a quaint chapter for the history books.

The Nets are bound for Brooklyn and a newfound respectability. Deron Williams, one of the league’s top point guards, elected to stay, planting his flag at the corner of Atlantic and Flatbush Avenues. Joe Johnson, a six-time All-Star, is on his way.

Dwight Howard, the best center of his generation, might be next.

Dwight Howard trade still not completed as Brooklyn Nets search for ways to make it work - NY Daily News
A Nets source cautioned that the team was "not close" to making a deal with the Magic amid several reports that the teams were moving toward a blockbuster trade now involving four clubs.

Williams not caught up in Howard trade talk - Yahoo! Sports
''There's been a lot of rumors over the last year as far as he's concerned, so early on I concerned myself with it, but lately just let it play out and whatever happens, happens,'' Williams said Monday at training camp for the latest Olympic team. ''I think we'll have a good team without him, I think we'd have an even better team with him.''

Progress is slow in blockbuster trade talks involving Cavs - Top Stories - Ohio
One source with knowledge of the negotiations said the deal was far from being completed and plenty of stumbling blocks on the Cavs’ end remain.

The biggest of which is Humphries, who is the hinge to the entire deal.

The Nets need to find a place to park his salary to make the trade work. With more than $20 million in cap space, the Cavs are a logical fit. They were heavily involved with trade talks between the Nets and Magic regarding Howard around the trade deadline last season, but the negotiations crumbled when Howard waived his Early Termination Option and agreed to remain in Orlando through this coming season.

Hawks watch closely as Nets, Magic discuss trade for Howard |

Charlotte Bobcats might get Kris Humphries in complex deal | & The Charlotte Observer Newspaper

What will Dwight Howard legacy be in Orlando? - Orlando Sentinel

CANOE -- SLAM! Sports - Basketball - NBA: Magic lose big if Howard-to-Nets trade goes through

Dwight Howard trade: The Orlando Magic could be close to trading Dwight Howard to the Brooklyn Nets - Orlando Sentinel