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Dwight Howard Trade Rumors 2012: Now He Wants To Stay In Orlando?

This week Dwight Howard apparently loves Orlando and wants to stay with the Orlando Magic.

That word comes from an Orlando TV station via the Dallas News.

The report said the Magic center is “bothered by the hit his image has taken since this season’s trade rumors and problems with Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy.”

Howard, of course, has been a target of the now-Brooklyn Nets since the beginning of last season. The Nets would like to pair him with point guard Deron Williams as part of a superstar tandem as they open their tenure at thre Barclays Center.


I don’t know what to make of Howard. He could not make up his mind during the season what he wanted. Then he gave up his right to opt out of his contract this offseason and become a free agent. Then came the Van Gundy controversy, followed by word that Howard regretted waiving the opt out and did want a trade.

Now this. All I can conclude is that Howard is a very large diva who simply can’t make up his mind what he wants.