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2012 NBA Mock Draft: Syracuse's Dion Waiters Projected To Toronto Raptors, Fab Melo To Boston Celtics

In his latest 2012 NBA Mock Draft at SB Nation, Tom Ziller projects former Syracuse star Dion Waiters to go No. 8 to the Toronto Raptors and his college teammate, Fab Melo, to go No. 22 to the Boston Celtics.

Waiters has jetted up draft boards as the NBA Draft approaches, with reports saying that he could go as high as No. 3. The 6-foot-4, 221-pound guard, who averaged 12.6 points off the bench as a sophomore, has been called "an animal" and "one of the sleepers in the draft" by fellow expected lottery pick Andre Drummond.

Melo would provide the Celtics with a much-needed interior presence. With Kevin Garnett deciding whether to retire, and a free agent if he chooses to play another season, the only Celtics big man currently under contract is JaJuan Johnson.

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