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Dwight Howard Trade Rumors 2012: Rockets Could Be Nets' Competition

The Brooklyn Nets want Dwight Howard, and Mr. Howard would certainly love to help open up the Barclays Center come the 2012-13 NBA Season. Unfortunately for both parties, Howard isn't a free agent and the Orlando Magic can send him wherever they like.

Enter the Houston Rockets, who according to are aggressively trying to trade up in the NBA Draft to put together a package for Howard. The deal would consist of two top-10 picks in Thursday's draft along with other unknown pieces.

It's a dangerous gamble by Houston, which doesn't have Howard saying he would sign off on a long-term extension there. However, that could be a move which would get some free agents in the building; perhaps, then, Howard would be enticed to stay a bit longer.

The Nets desperately need someone to come in and help give the team direction for the first time since Jason Kidd did almost a decade ago. Deron Williams can walk away this summer via free agency and beyond him the roster is full of a group of unknowns.

It might be time for Brooklyn to get very creative.

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