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Dwight Howard Trade Rumors 2012: Howard Wants To Be Traded To The Nets

The Brooklyn Nets lost their 2012 first round pick to the Portland Trail Blazers as a result of a mid-season trade for Gerald Wallace. The pick was top three-protected, meaning, if the Draft Lottery resulted in the Nets pick being in the top three, they would have retained the pick. But since the pick remained in the sixth spot, the Blazers own the pick.

Losing the pick is a detriment to the Nets' future, but not as detrimental as the consequences they would face if they were unable to complete a trade for Dwight Howard this off-season – according to a report, Deron Williams would leave Brooklyn.

Fortunately, Dwight Howard wants to be traded to the Nets, according to ESPN's Chris Broussard.

"Right now, Dwight Howard is saying he wants to be traded to [the Nets]. Right now he's saying that."

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