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Jeremy Lin Injury Update: Why Isn't He Playing?

What is the deal with Jeremy Lin and his knee injury, anyway? We know the point guard won't dress for the New York Knicks Wednesday night against the Miami Heat, and that he likely won't play at all if the series is extended beyond Game 5. Lin said the fact that he isn't playing is "frustrating" and some are wondering what is going on with the point guard who inspired 'Linsanity.'

"Everyone plays to be a part of this team. Everyone puts a lot of effort into being part of this team. Anytime you can't be on the court with your teammates it's frustrating, having to watch for the last whatever, five, six weeks has been a tough process," Lin said. "I mean, just me working out, what was it - two days ago - I tried to take off, tried to plant, just go full speed at 100 percent. It just didn't feel right. It felt pain when I tried to take off. I thought it would go away over time."

Fairly or unfairly, Lin -- and the Knicks -- are facing scrutiny over the young phenom's recovery. From the New York Daily News:

One-hundred percent? Don't NBA coaches always say that no player is 100 percent healthy at this time of year? Everyone is playing with aches and pains. Amar'e Stoudemire is playing despite suffering a herniated disc in late March as well as a self-inflicted cut on his left hand.

Sure, every injury is different and every player has a different tolerance for pain. If Lin doesn't feel he can play hurt and play well, then he should shut it down.

But is that the only motivation? Lin has become a cash cow for the Knicks organization and perhaps the club is being overly protective of its investment. And yes, while Lin will be a free agent on July 1st I'm not buying the theory that he is worried about damaging his value. The Knicks can offer him the most money and as sure as they are selling No. 17 "Linsanity" t-shirts at the Garden Jeremy Lin will be re-signed.

And yet, there is no denying that the Knicks handling of Lin's injury from start to finish has been shrouded in mystery.

Is Lin really unable to play? Is he simply protecting his future as he is a free agent this offseason? Are the Knicks being overly cautious with a player the Daily News refers to as a "cash cow for the Knicks organization?"

We may never know the answer. All we know for sure is that Lin won't play in Game 5.