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Jeremy Lin Injury Update: Woodson Doesn't Expect To See Lin In Game Five

After multiple reports that Jeremy Lin might be ready to give it a shot in Game Five, it seems that thinking might have been premature.

According to John Schuhmann via Twitter, head coach Mike Woodson isn't expecting to see Lin playing on Wednesday night in Miami.

Woodson is quoted as being even more straight to the point in this tweet.

With Baron Davis now injured and the only other true point guard on the roster being Mike Bibby, the New York Knicks had to be hoping Lin could make a Willis Reed-type comeback. Unfortunately, that doesn't appear to be the case.

The Knicks desperately need someone like Lin who can break down Miami's incredibly tough defense with good dribble-drives and kick-outs. Instead, it will be isolation plays over and over.

New York will try to stave off elimination in Game Five with the hopes that somehow Lin could return by the end of this week for a Game Six. However, that's a tall order.

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