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Carmelo Anthony Has The Worst NBA Playoffs Winning Percentage Ever

Being the Biggest Loser is good if you're a contestant on an NBC television show looking to lose a whole bunch of weight. It's not so good if you're Carmelo Anthony and your winning percentage is the worst in NBA playoffs history.

According to ESPN Stats and Info., Anthony (16-36, .308) has the worst winning percentage of any player ever to compete in at least 50 NBA playoff games. What makes that stat even more incredible is that 10 of his wins came during the Denver Nuggets' 2009 run to the Western Conference Finals. During his time with the Knicks, Anthony is 0-7 in the playoffs.

That brings the Knicks' playoff losing streak to 13 games, the worst such skid in NBA history, a long and painful string of postseason defeats dating back to 2001.

The Knicks and Carmelo Anthony: A match made in losing heaven.

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