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NBA Playoffs 2012, Heat Vs. Knicks: SB Nation Bloggers' Reactions

The 2011-2012 New York Knicks season is no longer after the team dropped a 106-94 game five contest against the Miami Heat on Wednesday night, and we turn to our two primary sources of Knicks and Heat perspective for more.

Over at Posting and Toasting, the tone is slightly less than enthused this morning. From the site's reaction post:

Indeed, blackhova. The MILPCAT just wasn't meant to be. The Knicks came out looking pretty spunky in this one. The defense was active, the ball movement was crisp, and Mike Bibby was cookin' soup in his new starting role. It sorta crumbled from there, though. That lovely ball movement derailed, and only Carmelo Anthony could create shots in a sticky, stagnant offense. I'm not really sure why the ball stopped moving, but I do know that Mike Woodson tried to cash in on it by starting J.R. Smith in the second half. That, uh...didn't exactly pan out.

Meanwhile, down at Peninsula is Mightier, a business-like approach remains intact:

As widely expected, the Miami Heat finished off the New York Knicks 106-94 in convincing fashion for the 4-1 series victory and earned a place in the second round against the Indiana Pacers. The biggest lead of the Knicks was 6 points early in the game thanks in large part to a surprising shooting performance from former Heat guard Mike Bibby who led all scorers with 8 points in the first quarter on 3-4 shooting (2-3 beyond the arc). After that it was all Heat, as they built a lead they held for the rest of the game for the rousing victory in front of their fans (and some quiet Knicks fans too).

For more on the Knicks, please be sure to check out our blog Posting and Toasting along with SB Nation New York for all the latest news and updates. For all the latest Heat news and information, check out Peninsula is Mightier.