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Jeremy Lin Injury Update: 'Linsanity' To Return In Game 4 Vs. Heat?

Could 'Linsanity' make an appearance in the New York Knicks' opening-round NBA Playoff series against the Miami Heat? Jeremy Lin said Sunday after the Knicks' practice that he might be able to play in Game 4, which is Sunday, May.

"I think I'm gonna evaluate it at the end of the week and see," Lin said after the Knicks' practice on Sunday. "Hopefully I'll feel good by then ... the main thing is to be able to play without thinking about (the injury).

"I don't really want to make a promise because I just don't know how I'm gonna feel," said Lin, who has been out since March 24. "If I felt good today then that would be more of a possibility, but I didn't feel that great today."

The return of Lin would be a boost to the Knicks, who lost rookie guard Iman Shumpert to a torn meniscus in Game 1.

Knicks coach Mike Woodson said that if and when Lin returns he would play limited minutes. After a 33-point drubbing by Miami in Game 1, the question is can the Knicks get back into the series and make any return by Lin actually meaningful?

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