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Jeremy Lin Injury: Knicks Deny Withholding Information On Lin Injury To Sell Playoff Tickets

The New York Knicks, through parent company MSG, have released a statement denying the allegations in the New York Daily News that the team withheld information about Jeremy Lin's injury in an attempt to sell playoff tickets.

Here is the statement released by MSG:

"Today's Daily News story is completely inaccurate, and serves only as another example of fabricated reporting by (the Daily News). The suggestion that the timing of Jeremy Lin's injury report is in any way connected to a longstanding Knicks playoff ticket deadline is a malicious attack on The Madison Square Garden Company. Jeremy Lin decided on Saturday to have surgery now in hopes that he would be able to return in time for, or at least during, the playoffs. The Knicks have sold out 61 games in a row, including last season's playoffs, and as standard practice we provided season ticket holders a first opportunity benefit to reserve playoff tickets before going on sale to the general public." (via USA Today)

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