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Linsanity Gets Bob Cousy Stamp Of Approval

You want an opinion on point guard play in the NBA? There is no better place to get one than from legendary Boston Celtics point guard Bob Cousy, one of the best to ever play. And now Cousy has put his stamp of approval on Jeremy Lin, the New York Knicks point guard who rose from obscurity to cult hero status seemingly overnight.

"For two weeks, every time I went by somebody down here they were talking about him, and I’d tell them the hoopla was probably overdone, that it’s not unusual for this to happen with a young player who catches the league by surprise. But I got a completely different sense from watching Jeremy play. Now I’m telling people he’ll definitely find a niche in the realm of good-to-great point guards in this league.

“Lin sees the floor extremely well and has good size for a point guard. He seems smart, not just because he went to Harvard, but in the way he plays. Just based on what I saw against Dallas, it’s hard for me to believe [Golden State and Houston] cut him. It’s hard to criticize without being there, but point guards who can run the show in the NBA are in such demand.”

When it comes to point guard play you can’t get praise from a much higher source than that.